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Colon Therapy

Colon Therapy is the slow and gentle insertion of purified water into the colon (large intestine) for the cleansing of poisons, mucous and accumulated fecal matter. It is also used to stimulate the colon to recover its natural shape, tone, and peristaltic wave action. No chemicals or drugs are used—thus it is a safe, gentle health-giving alternative. Colon therapy can be very beneficial for the intestines, liver, gallbladder and lymphatic system.

Bio Energy Medical Center offers both traditional/gravity colon therapy (therapist administered) where water is instilled and then released and the LIBBE bed (self-administered) where the individual controls the rate of flow and timing of elimination. Both systems allow observation of stool conditions through clear view waste hoses. Our colon hydrotherapy is performed with medically approved disposable speculums, tubes, pads and bedding - which ensures that we are one of the most hygienic clinics for this therapy. Our therapist is Advanced Certified through the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy.

Colonic Therapy may relieve a variety of disturbances such as fatigue, migraines, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, colitis, IBS, bloating, gas, cellulite, obesity, insomnia, asthma, allergies, tension, irritability, stress, parasites, arthritis, sore joints, backaches, colds, respiratory disorders, skin disorders, coated tongue, bad breath, depression, nervous disorders, gallbladder issues, liver issues, prostate health, hypoglycemia, yeast infections, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, premenstrual symptoms, and more.


People become toxic because of high fat, low fiber, over processed, overcooked, denatured, and devitalized foods. Common use of antibiotics, pesticides, steroids, and chemicals in our food toxifies the colon. Low consumption of quality water and too many caffeine drinks can dehydrate the bowel. Also, mental attitudes about bowel evacuation, stress, physical defects, use of drugs, bed rest, illness, and more.

Autointoxification is the process of reabsorbing toxins out of the colon and into the blood stream. This usually occurs because the stool sits in the colon an unhealthy amount of time and putrefies. If we do not eliminate completely, autointoxication causes a cyclic loss of functions. The colon loses its ability to have timely, peristaltic (muscle) action, nerve signals slow, and feces gradually lodge into pockets. Stalled, dehydrating, bacteria-laden stool is gradually re-absorbed via the blood back into the system, causing toxemia.

Many patients try to resolve their constipation problems with laxatives; however, laxatives work by irritating the whole digestive system. Although this may provide temporary relief, it does not improve long-term function and can actually create other problems because the small internal muscles are irritated. Another popular means to relieve constipation is an enema, which also provides temporary relief, but only works on the lowest end of the 5-7 foot colon. With colon hydrotherapy, the process of gentle cleansing and regeneration of delicate tissues and nerve muscle begins. Removal of stagnant waste promotes healthy tissue which enhances immune efficiency since there is more lymphatic tissue in the abdomen than in the rest of the body parts combined.

Colonics help restore the normal intestinal flora because one of the functions of the first half of the colon is to gather the intestinal flora needed for the colon. When the accumulation of feces in the bowel leads to fecal encrustation, it is difficult for the colon to function normally and the glands in this lining cannot produce the necessary intestinal flora. The resulting lack of lubrication intensifies a state of constipation and generates toxemia. This upsets the normal acid-alkaline balance and the growth of the friendly bacteria is stunted. Cleansing the colon may help bring the acid-alkaline ratio back into balance. In this environment, the friendly bacteria will again thrive and disease-causing bacteria will find it difficult to develop.


Traditional colon therapy lasts about forty-five minutes and most patients feel comfortable and relaxed when administered by our trained hygienists with modern equipment. When completed, you can continue your usual activities. It is not uncommon, however, for some people to start to feel like they have a cold or headache after a colonic. Toxins which have been laying dormant in the colon are now being flushed out and a small amount may be re-absorbed into the body’s system. This healing crisis passes quickly and with further treatments, the person will realize a feeling of well-being.

The colon hydrotherapy series can affect many aspects of one’s life, health and body image. Some clients are able to devote themselves fully to a comprehensive detoxification period, while others are more comfortable making gradual changes. In general, if one needs to economize on a number of treatments, it is best to do a few sessions close together because many toxins can get stirred up and a second colonic can provide a significantly more productive release and cleanse. A traditional colonic fee is $85 and we offer a package of 5 colonics for $340. They are available Monday-Thursday, and some Friday's and Saturday's by appointment.

The day before your appointment you may want to flush out toxic material by drinking extra fluids such as high quality water, herbal tea, vegetable broths, fresh juices (especially vegetable). This is not mandatory - but it does give the highest return and is highly recommended. Avoid any foods that you feel causes excess gas, such as beans, members of the cabbage family, refined foods, and dairy. Consider doing an abdominal castor oil pack or a herbal colon stimulant if you are feeling constipated or congested. On the day of your treatment do not have a meal for two hours before your appointment. Small amounts of liquids are fine.

After your appointment, continue to eat whole, healthy foods, including at least one fresh, raw item in the meal after the session. With initial treatments, do not do strenuous exercise the rest of the day. If you get nature’s call, answer promptly. If tired, get extra rest. Ask your body what it really wants.

Two supplements that you could take for colon health would be L-glutamine and a high-quality probiotic. L-glutamine is an amino acid food source for cells that line your intestines, which helps towards your total GI health. And a high-quality probiotic will help to rebalance the bacterial flora.

Bio Energy Medical Center advises not to get a colonic if you have diverticulitis, abdominal or rectal tumors, acute Crohn's disease, intestinal perforation, cirrhosis, fistula or fissures, ulcerative colitis, abdominal hernia, recent colon or rectal surgery, recent heart attack, epilepsy, psychoses, vascular aneurysm, renal insufficiency, carcinoma of the rectum, uncontrolled hypertension, history of seizures or GI bleeding, cancer of any part of the GI track, or general debilitation.

Please download the Colon Function Form—to fill out and bring with you to your appointment.

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