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Di Biase Hair extensions provide the potential to add significantly to the standing and revenue of salons and individual hair stylists. However, it is important to all that the stylist applying extensions be properly educated in theory and trained in the technique of applying extensions. An improper application or inadequate communication with the client-customer in terms of use and care are issues to be distinctly avoided.


It is our philosophy to welcome salons and stylists who already have qualifications as certified hair extension specialists. To assure that all new extension professionals receive the education and hands-on training that is important to success in building a hair extension business, Di Biase Hair USA has instituted a certification system, currently a two-day course, that we hope will be both accessible and affordable to stylists across the country. We are currently scheduling classes in various locations and are actively looking at establishing additional classes in as many areas as there may be a significant interest. If you are interested in certification, please contact Di Biase Hair at 248.489.8900 or Info@DiBiaseHairUSA.com.

Di Biase Hair USA offers 2-day certification classes on Sundays and Mondays across the country. For upcoming classes, please view the list below and call us at 248-489-8900 for specific locations and times.

Di Biase Hair USA Offices
Farmington Hills, Michigan
2nd Weekend - Monthly
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nashville, Tennessee
1st Weekend - Bi-Monthly
Los Angeles, California
Ft. Lauderdale / Miami, Florida
Dallas, Texas
2nd Weekend - Bi-Monthly
San Diego, California
Des Moines, Iowa
Austin, Texas
Houston, Texas
3rd Weekend - Bi-Monthly
Phoenix, Arizona
San Francisco, California
East Dundee, Illinois
Las Vegas, Nevada
4th Weekend - Bi-Monthly


Thank you for your business and dedication in choosing to become certified with
Di Biase Hair. Please use the PDF links below to print off forms for your clients.

Client Questionnaire

Hair Extension Consultation Sheet

Home Hair Care For The Client

Non-Refundable Deposit Agreement


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