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A sparkling addition to the Di Biase extension family is known as "Sticker Hair." The Sticker Hair Extension is the only system that lets you carry out a complete extension with no need to use any specific equipment. Its unique shape was conceived to warrant an extremely easy and fast application; in fact just a simple pressure with the fingers is needed to fix one single lock.

Please click here for a demonstration.

An innovative feature of the Sticker Hair Extension is the chance to reuse the locks multiple times, just by replacing its bi-adhesive tape. The Sticker Hair Extension is formed by a section of ultra thin bi-adhesive tape, 4 cm wide and 1 cm high. The disassemble phase is as easy and fast as the assemble one. In fact, just a few drops of remover is needed.

The extensions come in packs of 6 sets of locks, with the hair in each lock being attached to an adhesive strip. The hair dresser attaches the hair by simply removing the adhesive strip and applying the adhesive to the normal hair. It only takes about an hour to install, thus saving money for the client, and is removed by merely applying a solution and sliding the extension off. Also, the extension can be used multiple times by merely applying a new adhesive. Sticker hair will last approximately 1-2 months, but it is also perfect for those special occasions where a "new" look is desired.

Sticker Hair

Sticker Hair

Available in all colors, 40/45 cm, straight.
Will ordinarily be cut to desired length and style.

Sticker Hair Application Instructions

Sticker Hair Home Care


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