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Thinner, Flatter Lenses Offer Greater Comfort

If a prescription is either "high-minus" where the lenses are thicker at the outer edges or "high-plus" where the lenses are thicker in the middle, a lens can appear thick on the edges or center creating a bulky look. Forest Place Optical can provide you with a thinner flatter lens that is lighter weight and can still provide visual clarity by utilizing an aspheric design. In fact, aspheric technology not only offers the wearer a slimmer and lighter lens its also allows for a wider field of vision!

So, if you have a high power perscription - please stop by Forest Place Optical and we will fit you not only with a more attractive lens but a lens that may also increase your field of vision! And if you have any friends or relatives that wear those old bulky lenses - please send them over to Forest Place Optical and we may be able to enhance their field of vision while offering a more sophisticated eyewear look!


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