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Precision Tree & Shrub encourages pruning as a maintenance procedure to produce strong, healthy and attractive trees. We are experienced in pruning large trees where access with heavy equipment is impractical. Professional tree work on lakefront properties is a skill set we have developed over the years because of the many lakes in Oakland county. Our climbers can ascend to their work using a non-invasive, spurless climbing technique to safely reach target branches. On smaller delicate ornamental trees, work is done with ladders and high reach pruning tools. Precision Tree & Shrub can analyze, determine and recommend which type of pruning will be necessary to maintain or improve the appearance, health and safety of your trees and shrubs.

There are several reasons to prune trees: safety, clearance, appearance, to increase light and air penetration to the landscape below and for health. Pruning out deadwood that is 2" or larger will clear out compromised branches that could fall and cause injury or property damage. Pruning encourages trees to develop a strong structure and reduces the likelihood of damage during severe weather. Trees should be pruned to allow proper clearance over buildings, driveways, gardens or smaller viable trees. Vista pruning is the removal of specific branches to clear for a desired line of sight. Trees are also pruned for health by removing diseased or decayed, thinning the crown to increase airflow and conflicting or poorly attached branches.

Removal of a diseased, dangerous or dead tree is one of our specialities and we can handle the most challenging situations. Precision Tree & Shrub has the equipment and experience to take apart very large trees in small areas. Your removal may be done using conventional climbing and rigging techniques or we may use larger equipment such as an aerial lift or a truck mounted crane. We can remove most trees in difficult situations without damaging the surrounding property. Our estimator will discuss with you issues of equipment access and the impact it may have. Our personnel are accustomed to moving large equipment into limited residential areas.

Precision Tree & Shrub can efficiently remove trees and brush to prepare for site excavation. We encourage the protection of preservation trees when site planning, as well as install physical barriers to protect trees during construction. Our team has many years of lot clearing and forestry management experiences and can efficiently clear your lot quickly and cost effectively.

Precision Tree & Shrub can create and supervise organic deep root fertilization treatment plans to protect the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs. Precision Tree & Shrub can use this fertilization technique to reduce soil compaction due to construction stresses and amend nutrient poor soils, by directly applying a solution of micro nutrients at a depth that trees feed. This technique is one of the most effective and economical ways of promoting tree and shrub health, while avoiding the use of unnecessary pesticide treatments. By keeping our trees healthy to begin with our tree and shrubs will be less susceptible to pests and drought. We have the knowledge and equipment to treat a simple or complex tree or shrub problem. We can analyze, determine and recommend which treatment will best suit your needs and the results you can expect.

Precision Tree & Shrub can remove your stump regardless of it's size and we are very competitive on multi-stump removal jobs. We grind the tree and shrub stumps low enough to allow for turf restoration after removal. Stump mulch makes excellent garden mulch, however, we can also haul away the mulch if you do not have a need for it.

Precision Tree & Shrub has a history of very fast responses to urgent service needed and our personnel can be onsite when your home or property are damaged by the elements with all the equipment needed to quickly remove a tree and secure your home temporarily from the weather. Roof tarping is often called for when tree branches penetrate a roof deck. This is a service that we can offer to temporarily secure your home. Please call Mark on his cell phone at 810-240-4140 if you have an emergency and we will come to your home or business and help you assess the damage. We also have many years of experience working with insurance agents and adjustors and can help you process your claim to help you get your emergency work paid for.


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