Commercial Solutions

Redford Lock Security Solutions has Commercial Solutions to protect your company from burglary, vandalism, intruders; control visitors, specify access control, video surveillance and emergency evacuation. We are an experienced Security Solution Provider and are capable of providing you with an overall view of all your security systems. Redford Lock Security Solutions can identify your vulnerabilities and weaknesses and help set priorities and identify areas where risks can be reduced.

Our "best practices" philosophy combined with state-of-the-art resources allows us to create effective and affordable security programs for many diverse facilities. Redford Lock Security Solutions experienced staff will ensure that your facility is compliant with NFPA, ADA, Federal, State and Local codes. Our goal is to provide maximum protection with the most beneficial and cost-effective security resources available.

Commercial Solutions incorporates the following:

High Security Key Systems
Patent protected key control systems ensure that only designated people can purchase keys, which effectively controls how many keys are issued and to whom they are issued to.

Electronic Access Control
Control who goes in and out of your facility and when.

Video Surveillance
Keeps an eye on your business and protects your assets from internal and external theft. Cameras act as a deterrent for vandalism and theft and recorded video can be used for investigative purposes.

Door & Hardware Replacement
We can provide the best-in-class technology of Door Controllers, Access Control and Locking Hardware options. We can provide options for smoke barrier protection, draft control, high traffic, protection against frost and condensation, bullet resistance, vulnerable door openings and many other specific needs. Your door is created and installed for your unique needs.

Gate Entry Control
Restrict access, track access and avoid rekeying costs when an employee leaves.

Mobile Management
Sophisticated software allows you to monitor your business from anywhere using a smart phone or computer.

Office Furniture Locks
We have replacement locks and keys for file cabinets, desks, credenzas, cubicles, overhead bins and keyed bookcases.

We offer many Security Solutions to create safe environments:

Mechanical Solutions
Cabinet Locks
Door Closers
Door Locks
Panic Hardware
Safe Locks

Intrusion Systems
Video Surveillance
Access Control
Fire Monitoring
Security Alarm Monitoring

Access Technologies
Automatic Operators
Swinging Doors

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