Electronic Access Control (EAC) is referred to when controlling and monitoring WHO, goes in WHERE and WHEN electronically. This is most commonly achieved with Proximity Cards or Key Fobs which can attach to your key ring or a lanyard. These systems are most commonly run by software on a dedicated PC in a secure area of the building. It is also common to be able to access this PC remotely by an offsite computer or even a smart phone. All of these systems offer “Audit Trail Reports” which quickly show you not only who went where when but where else they may have tried to go.

It is common to run these EAC Systems over a network which allows them to be expanded to many buildings in different locations.

The “upfront cost” of these systems are quickly paid for over a short period of time in savings of re-keying of doors, tracking of keys, and property loss due to unforced and unauthorized entry. The EAC Systems bridge the gap from security to convenience.

Some of these systems can qualify for equipment leases which can also assist you, the customer, with capitalizing your upfront cost over a period of time thus lessoning your out-of-pocket burden.


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