Redford Lock Security Solutions is certified to conduct annual inspections for the Fire Door Testing and we can update or repair your door to comply with The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes. We can ensure that you meet the requirements for both the NFPA 101: Life Safety Code® and NFPA 80: Fire Doors & Rated Opening Protectives that address the challenges to protect people from fire and related hazards. We strongly agree that Fire and Egress Door Inspections increase public safety and limit personal liability.

All of our Fire Door Inspections are supervised by an Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC).

Basic components of our inspections include:

•  One Motion Exit (Egress)
•  Door Swings Smoothly
•  Positive Latching
•  Proper Lubrication
•  Closes and Latches

Some of the NFPA:80 codes that address Fire Door Inspections are:

5.2.1 Fire door assemblies shall be inspected and tested not less than annually, and a written record of the inspection shall be signed and kept for inspection by the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). Functional testing of fire door and window assemblies shall be performed by individuals with knowledge and understanding of the operating components of the type of door being subject to testing. As a minimum, the following items shall be verified:
(1) No open holes or breaks exist in surfaces of either the door or frame.
(2) Glazing, vision light frames, and glazing beads are intact and securely fastened in place if so equipped.
(3) The door, frame, hinges, hardware, and noncombustible threshold are secured, aligned, and in working order with no visible signs of damage.
(4) No parts are missing or broken.
(5) Door clearances at the door edge to the frame, on the pull side of the door, do not exceed the clearances listed 4.8.4 and 6.3.1.
(6) The self-closing device is operational, that is , the active door completely closes when operated from the full open position and complies with codes 3.3.1 and 3.3.7.
(7) If a coordinator is installed, the inactive leaf closes before active leaf.
(8) Latching hardware operates and secures the door when it is in the closed position.
(9) Auxiliary hardware items that interfere or prohibit operation are not installed on the door or frame.
(10) No field modifications to the door assembly have been performed that void the label.
(11) Gasketing and edge seals, where required, are inspected to verify their presence and integrity.

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