Over the years, customers have told us: “I can’t understand how I’ve lived without a video security system for so long.”

In addition to catching criminals, a well designed system offers countless benefits that will help protect your assets, result in a safer environment, and help you more effectively manage your business.

Here are some BENEFITS to installing a Video Surveillance system:

 Deter Criminals
 Prevent Theft
 Improve Productivity
 Reduce Liability
 Protect Intellectual Property
 Validate Alarms
 Manage Remotely
 Streamline Operations
 Peace of Mind

Consider these ways you are SUSCEPTIBLE to theft:

Fraudulent Claims
As you probably know and hopefully have not experienced, some people make a career out of staging “slip and falls”. Fortunately, many of these claims have been successfully disputed by business using CCTV camera’s in public areas.

Supply Theft
Products stored on a shelf in plain sight may be difficult for a thief to access. However, stockrooms are typically out of sight and out of mind of a business manager, and make perfect targets for internal theft.

Tool Theft
Regardless of your business type, the typical company will keep ample supply of expensive gear on hand. Some businesses have unique tools which make them less of a concern selling on the black market, however, finding a buyer for just about anything these days is child’s play.

Office Creepers
An unfortunate by product of a busy office is expensive technology lying around. Office Creepers will stroll right into the heart of any business and take their pick of laptops, monitors, printers, etc. A business with surveillance camera’s in plain sight will deter a creeper and send them looking for less prepared facilities.

Productivity Loss
Studies show that business loss due to low productivity far outweighs more traditional means of theft. Over the years, we have worked with businesses experiencing everything from low productivity to employees running separate web-based business while on the clock-even hocking the goods that they stole from the business! Needless to say, we were able to stop that activity with a small investment in video security.

Exterior Doors
In these tough times, desperate folks are even targeting things you wouldn’t normally think as valuable. At the top this new list is metal-anything metal, from copper wire, aluminum from air conditioners, and even storm drain covers.

On that note, cameras should be kept inaccessible, cabling secured in armored conduit and positioned correctly so that if someone attempts to steal the camera their mug shot will be secured on the DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

It is most common to mount camera’s at the sites where material and people enter and exit the facility, usually above any exterior door.

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