Speak Easy Languages offers comprehensive
language services that can be customized to meet
your specific language communication goals in:

 Language Training
 Cultural Training
 A Wide Range of Applications



Documents translated by Speak Easy Languages communicate the precise message that is conveyed by the original document. Accurate translation is understanding the thought and concept expressed in one language, then communicating it by full use of the resources of the target language. Our global team implements the knowledge, skills and practices that ensure accurate translation.

our translators, editors and proofreaders are native speakers in the target language required for each project
we match the translation team to specific subject matter and goals (we have translators with specific industry or subject knowledge)
our standard translation process involves three stages: translate, edit, and proofread
each stage is done by a different member of our team
what results is a fluent and precise message in the target audience's language
the translated project can be delivered in the format you specify, Mac or PC compatible



When you can't speak the language, but must communicate personally, our interpreters are your voice. Their intricate knowledge of their native language is coupled with their understanding of local cultures, customs and etiquette to assure definitive and effective communication.

our interpreter will listen as a speaker completes a thought, then translate it to a group or individual
consecutive interpretation can be provided in settings such as a panel discussion, legal deposition, lecture, or interview
escort interpretation can be provided for occasions such as medical appointments, banking, school enrollment, shopping, tours, or social events
relocation needs such as: where, when and how to shop for food, clothes and essentials; housing options and procurement; education system structure, and utility services


Language Training

Our language courses are tailored to each individual's or group's goals and schedule.

depending upon your preference, we can conduct classes at your office or plant, in your home, or at the Speak Easy Languages office
class times range from two-hours to intensive all-day sessions
lessons range from one lesson to on-going lessons for years
you can learn on a one-to-one basis or as part of a group
we have decades of experience teaching both adults and children
lesson levels range from beginner through very advanced


Cultural Training

Our experienced instructors provide guidance for those who are embarking on a short- or long-term stay in a foreign country, as well as for foreign nationals in the United States. This training can be given on an individual or group basis.

Depending upon the circumstances, some of the topics covered include:

business etiquette
how to avoid social blunders
what might likely be encountered in negotiations with foreign business people
how to "connect" with the subject-matter experts (engineers, sales and marketing, production/manufacturing executives)
nation's holidays
cultural and recreation activities
religious facilities
banking and finance
medical care


A Wide Range of Applications

The highly qualified staff at Speak Easy Languages can meet virtually any translation or interpretation requirement. Our translations can be certified and notarized, and are recognized by government and scholastic institutions, including the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Examples of applications include:

accounting statements
advertising copy
annual reports
audio presentations
automotive manuals
business cards
business correspondence
business meetings
business negotiations
certificates of marriage/divorce/birth/death
college admissions documents
comprehensive medical plan descriptions
court sessions
cultural events
employee communications
family records
instruction manuals
insurance work, including accident and hospital reports
legal depositions
legal documents
material safety data sheets
medical evaluation, including at hospital or doctor's office
medical records
on-camera talent
parts manuals
personal documents
police situations
press releases
product warranties
real estate documents
school transcripts
social events
technical/training materials
trade shows
video presentations
voiceovers, including talent
witness interviews

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